I would like to recommend Lisa Reedy Promotions with highest distinction! I have worked three projects with Lisa. Each project was successful beyond my expectations! I have found Lisa to be a rarity in today’s music business. She delivers exactly what she promises, is very honest and is a total delight to work with. I couldn’t imagine ever using another publicist for my radio promotions!

Tom Teasley - www.tomteasley.com


It has been a pleasure working with Lisa Reedy.  My friend and colleague Cory Weeds recommended Lisa without hesitation.   She customized her promotion to suit my needs and budget and delivered results for me right away.  I like her positive attitude and feedback and timely response to my questions.  My recording “Out of the Shadows” has received excellent radio play and continues to do so.  Because of Lisa, my recording has been reviewed, and has made several top ten lists for radio play. Her hard work secured me an interview with a reputable Jazz host in the New York area and the CD is going to be reviewed for a notable jazz publication this coming June.  It has made the national jazz chart and given me the kind of exposure that I look forward to building on for my next recording - when I work with Lisa again.

Maureen Kennedy - www.maureenkennedy.com


I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Reedy on several occasions. She has worked about 35 of our records. I have been thrilled with the results. She gave sound, honest advice and backed up her work with wonderful results. All but one of the records she worked for Cellar Live charted and several of our records have landed in the "Top Ten" weekly charts as well as the Top 100 yearly charts.  Lisa is passionate about what she does and she really gets behind what she is promoting. If you're looking for someone who is easy to work with, reasonably priced and honest and upfront about what to expect then Lisa Reedy is for you.
Cory Weeds - Owner of Cellar Live

I want to tell you that you have done a great job and I really appreciate it! In this day of business' making lots of promises to clients it seems that very few actually deliver what they say they will. You have really delivered! I would recommend you to anyone! - Dave LeFebvre - http://jazzwest.com/davelefebvre

Simply put - Lisa Reedy gets the job done! She personifies a total passion for what she does and most importantly gets the results all recording artists need in today's competitive airplay landscape.
Her scores of contacts in radio , and tenacious ability to get results, set her apart from the competition. She customizes the campaign to your needs and most importantly listens to what those needs are.
 Having been an integral part of each and every project I've recorded over the past 6 years, the results are clear and represent an essential ingredient to the success of each project.
 Her consistent week to week approach makes the difference in getting the attention that all independent artist need. I highly recommend her as the final touch on any project I do.
John Basile - Jazz Guitarist - www.johnbasile.net

Initially, our band had tried to get our music played without the help of a radio promoter. BIG MISTAKE.  Station managers and DJs do not like to deal directly with musicians, and will almost always give you the run-around.  This is where Lisa Reedy comes in.  Lisa's credibility in the radio world enables her to cut through the red tape and get your album on the air almost immediately.  Radio stations that had never responded to my voicemails, letters, and emails began to put the record in heavy rotation once we had Lisa behind us.  And in addition from being incredibly effective at getting our album on the airwaves, Lisa got our album reviewed in many online publications and even landed us radio interviews in very large markets.   Without our heavy presence on jazz radio across the country, I doubt that we would have been booked for SXSW in 2011.  Thank you Lisa Reedy!"
Aaron Goldfarb, manager of Leah and the Moonlighters - www.leahandthemoonlighters.com

Lisa's work ethic and diligence are unsurpassed. You absolutely want
her on your team.
She was a joy to work with. Troy Chapman of Billet Deux - www.billet-deux.com

Lisa Reedy's work not only gave me the vast radio airplay I was looking for with the release of my second CD, "Within The Fourteenth Hour," her work also helped give me the professional credibility that is so needed in the music industry. Thank you so much, Lisa! Anna Maria Flechero - www.annamariaflechero.com

"I released my first studio recording in the fall of 2007 knowing I needed a promoter of excellence to ensure my CD the exposure it deserved. Lisa did a phenomenal job to say the very least. My disc went to #1 on the Roots Music Chart in Pennsylvania and #7 for two weeks on the !Earshot Jazz Chart in Canada. Her steadfast and earnest work helped my disc to attain a position as one of the most added recordings on the CMJ Jazz Chart. I received radio play all over the States (from Washington State to Maine and all points in between) and in Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and other countries as well. Approximately 150 stations in all. Lisa was a joy to work with, always professional and the whole experience was just a pleasure. If you're looking for the finest in independent CD promotion, you've found it with Lisa Reedy Promotions. - David Joel, www.davidjoel.net

"As a recording artist in the JAZZ world - which has a lot of artists releasing recordings these days - more than there are radio stations to play them - Lisa managed to get my recording (DARK TRIUMPH) a great deal of airplay on many U.S. and Canadian radio stations as well as in other parts of the world. My recording was an unusual recording because of its content (it was a 2 CD set with both narration and music). She was able to convince radio stations that receive more recordings than they have time to play - to play my CD! Lisa really believed in my work, even when others did not! She was able to convince doubtful radio programmers of the worthiness of my project! So, all that to say, if you need radio promotion and you want hard work and a great degree of integrity - Hire Lisa!" - Cecilia Smith, www.ceciliasmith.com

"Lisa Reedy was wonderful as a Radio PR person for my first CD, "Siren Song". She was thorough, timely and gave me wonderful updates on a regular basis. I have recommended her to several of my friends who are also musicians and wouldn't hesitate to again!" - Vicki Burns, www.vickiburns.com

"Lisa is a wonderful person to work with and I highly recommend her! She tells you what she is going to do and does it, plus keeps you informed along the way." - Gary Brunotte, www.garybrunotte.com

"Lisa Reedy did a terrific job in promoting my CD "The Steve Hall Quintet". She obtained extensive airplay for the CD in the US and Europe. Lisa knows the jazz radio market and she gets results."
Steve Hall

"Am I glad that my first experience with a radio promoter is with Lisa Reedy! She is a phenomenal worker who has gotten my CD into rotation on over 300 stations around the world. She keeps almost daily email contact with me and is always available by phone if I want to talk with her directly about some detail. And, she is easy to communicate with and has a great sense of humor. We have a lot of smiles in our email exchanges."
Debbie Poryes - Jazz Pianist & Educator

"Lisa Reedy provides the full package for musicians looking to increase radio play. I've spoken to a number of radio personalities across the country, and they all say, "Lisa Reedy is absolutely one of the best in the business." As an independent artist myself, I know I can always count on Lisa to represent me in the most professional way. Her personality is superb and she's clearly well respected among her peers. My last CD hit the Top 50 on JazzWeek Charts."
Opie Bellas
Bella Blue Music

“Modern Hot Records has used Lisa Reedy to promote the last two Pearl Django releases. Both promotions were very successful and I would enlist her services again with no hesitation. Lisa brought great results in the very competitive business of obtaining airplay. Thanks, Lisa!”
Rick Leppanen, manager for Modern Hot Records, bassist for Pearl Django

Lisa Reedy is not only for artists, a great person and authority, but also for local radio stations and their jazz programs. She is a great value because all those volunteers are so heavily supported by the material which Lisa can and will send in order to promote the artists she represents. So Lisa Reedy … the ever active axle in the great jazz and music scene machine … a great value to artists and programmers!
Joost van Steen, Host / Producer - Jazz & Blues Tour Radio, The Netherlands

"Lisa did a fantastic job on our CD release "Savanna Jazz Club", from South Africa, to Australia, New York City, and the Netherlands, Lisa til the next one...we love you madly"
Pascal Bokar - Guitarist, Vocalist, Educator & Owner of Savanna Jazz Club in San Francisco

"Lisa is the GREATEST! Thanks to her efforts, my CD, "Keeping My Composure", stayed on the charts for months...a feat I didn't believe possible for a debut album. She is unquestionably a master of her craft, and I can't imagine releasing my next CD without her. Thanks a ton, Lisa!!!"
Charley Harrison, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Guitarist; Director of UCLA Jazz Orchestra; Associated Director & Guitarist for Chicago Jazz Orchestra

"It would be difficult to overstate the impact that Lisa Reedy has had on Octobop and its last two recordings, Very Early and After Dark. Without Lisa, those recordings would be wallowing in obscurity rather than having spent 10 weeks in the Top 10 in the case of Very Early. She has the credibility and respect of musicians, DJs and Program Directors. Never pushy, Lisa gets everyone to work together for the good of the music. Simply put, Lisa delivers."
Geoff Roach, Leader of Octobop and CEO of the Comcast San Jose Jazz Festival

"Lisa Reedy's promotion on my CD has given my international profile a major boost. My recording was on the national charts for many months and this has lead to the ultimate goal-more gigs! She is the best."
Chuck Redd - Jazz Vibraphonist & Drummer

"Lisa is amazing! She got me airplay on all the top jazz stations nationwide and produced major artist rankings for me on the national jazz chart (Jazzweek). She's well worth the money and I will definitely use her to promote my next recording!"
Mary Louise Knutson - Jazz pianist

"Lisa Reedy (Promotions) has jump started the PR for my CD "Happy, Sad & Satisfied", and opened many a door for me with her knowledge of the business, her perseverance and professionalism, and I'm grateful for the individual support she has given me during our radio promo until today. I can (and have) recommend her services to anyone looking for great and effective Radio PR!"
Beat Kaestli - Vocalist/Composer

"Lisa Reedy is a powerhouse! Superb at what she does. She's industrious, charming, a pleasure to work with, and I wouldn't consider using anyone else. You want your music heard? She's the word."
Paul Renz - Jazz guitarist

"As a client I would like to say Lisa Reedy seems to really care about the clients and music she represents. The competition for airplay is very tough. I have done 4 radio campaigns with Lisa and I am comfortable recommending her to other musicians and have. You need someone that knows the ropes and has relationships with radio people. Lisa has been at it a long time , week after week, year after year.She's also fun to talk to and I'm sure that her personality really helps her client's get a favorable ear."
Jim Pearce - Jazz pianist, composer, vocalist

"The first thing I noticed about Lisa Reedy was her ultimate patience and her friendliness in responding to my questions and concerns. I never felt pressured. In fact, I felt I was dealing with a genuinely nice person who reacted to me with sincere interest and respect. After about a month of seeking out reassurances from Lisa...I may have been her most insecure client EVER...I entered into a contract with her. I have never looked back and never regretted it. Lisa is honest, friendly and fast to respond. She is an experienced business woman with a proven track record. Furthermore, I was always in her loop. Every week she sent a report that showed her efforts on my behalf and the results. I had a visual record of her persistence and I'm sure her doggedness increased my good results. I would recommend Lisa to anyone needing radio promotion. And I hope you will have as wonderful an experience as I had. I came to Lisa as an unknown client and at the end of my campaign, I left feeling I had discovered a remarkable woman whom I can call a friend. In short, Lisa Rocks!! She really does."
Jane Drake - Jazz Vocalist

"During my 3 years with the Caribbean Jazz Project and Concord Records, one of the great pleasures was to have worked with Lisa Reedy on the radio promotion side of the effort to bring our recordings to more listeners. Lisa not only created a pattern of success for us at Jazz Radio, but more than this, she always went 'the extra mile' to see her efforts through. Personally, I was very grateful that she had been part of the team effort. Anyone who is lucky enough to have her working their recording should consider themselves extremely fortunate. Thanks so much for everything Lisa!!!"
Steve Khan, Guitarist

"Lisa is a true gem to work with. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and knows what my audience tastes are. What other promoter would put that much time in getting to know your audience? None that I know of, and I've been in jazz radio for 22 years! Lisa...you're a treasure!"
Tom Macek, WRRG

"You are an acoustic angel, a mystic music maven". James Cervantes - KWVA-Eugene, OR
"Lisa knows the music, knows how promote, is well respected in the industry and loves what she does.
A winning combination - what more could you ask for."
Dave Samuels, Caribbean Jazz Project

"I worked with Lisa when she was at Concord Records -she works with enthusiasm, diligence and integrity. Always responsive, she gives very personalized service with a smile!"
Laura Hartmann, President, LVanHart Artist Productions

"I first met Lisa several years ago via telephone when she worked for Concord Records and I hosted a jazz show at KSFR radio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We had some great conversations, and laughed a lot. When I was in the Bay Area we met, and became friends. Needless to say, Lisa is amiable, efficient and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with her."
Natasha Nargis, Freelance writer (published in DownBeat, Thirsty Ear, Albuquerque Journal North, Santa Fe New Mexican, East Bay Express) Former Jazz Host on KSFR

"Lisa Reedy is on top of her game, she takes very good care of everybody, and everything...I love working with her."
Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs, Jazzline Radio and TV, KKUP 91.5fm, Jazz Director

"Just a chat with Lisa Reedy will enhance your personal Jazz groove. She enjoys Jazz like the rest of the world appreciates fine wine, it's not just a job, you gotta feel it man! One of the high points of my week was getting a call from Lisa. Why? Well she not only turned me on to a lot of new artists and their cool music, she made me a believer in them. Just think of all the great talent that would have slipped by my turntables without Lisa's personal touch. Lisa, I owe you a lot, baby! Now get out there and make some more people famous! "
Paul O'Reilly, Radio Show Host WAYD "The Bay"

"It has been my pleasure to work with Lisa fairly regularly for more than five years. Lisa has always been helpful in providing any assistance I may need in the many media jobs I have. Whether it was in her skilled work promoting artists and their music at Concord Records (where I first came in contact with her), or in her present position as an independent promoter, Lisa has always put in the extra effort in regards to helping me with a certain music interview, a musical request, or even making me aware of a certain artist who I otherwise may not have known about. Most importantly, Lisa has a keen overall knowledge of the business. She is also - and I can't stress this enough - a wonderful person to deal with. "
Jim Gordon
Film Critic - CTV News at 5 -Vancouver,
Co-Host & Co-Producer of The Travel Guys tv show, Writer for Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine and former Disc Jockey/Music Programmer - Virgin Mega Store