Where do I submit a CD for consideration of radio promotion?

Send it to: Lisa Reedy Promotions, 275 Bonnie Briar Pl., Reno, NV 89509

How does Lisa Reedy Promotions bill?

The client can either pay their promotion in full, or on a monthly basis, in advance of each month worked.

Do you accept credit cards?


Will you process my mailing?

Yes. We’ll process the mailing for you, but keep in mind that payment for postage and supplies is due in advance of the mailing process

How do I know where my music is receiving airplay?

Each client is provided with a weekly radio report, listing their CD’s status at each station.

What is Lisa Reedy Promotions track record?

Lisa Reedy Promotions has obtained national airplay for all of her clients, most of which are independent artists and labels. In addition, the majority of our clients have obtained placement on national music industry airplay charts – competing with the majors. It’s much easier (obviously) to obtain airplay for a major label artist, whose record company has both large in-house and contract marketing teams, along with big budgets for artist development. It’s our passion to obtain the same level of success at radio for independent artists and labels, and we’ve proven over and over that we’re good at it!